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A collection of some things I observe along the way.


Why is it so taboo to talk politics, money and religion? My grandparent's generation carried that mentality into our modern social structure and now we seem to be scared of voicing our ideas. Why is that? What a person really believes in their core can pretty much be summed up in these three topics. Is it that we are scared of people really knowing who we are? Could it be that we don't really know who we are, therefore we aren't sure how we really feel about politics, money or religion? Is our culture so shallow the we don't have an opinion on such matters. Are we scared of offending someone with our ideas? Or are we afraid of being punched in the nose if we encounter an opposing opinion?

And what about a legacy? How are we to insure the next generation has virtue and integrity if they can't see how we deal with life at it's core. Our political views, our attitude towards finances, and our understanding of God are key to letting our children see how to live (or not to live) their lives. Think of it this way: you will leave a legacy no matter what you do, the question is, will you be intentional about the legacy yo leave.



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