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Katy Abram spoke her mind and poured her heart out at a town hall meeting. She is an American concerned with the direction our country is going. Later she was harassed via emails and phone calls and ridiculed by the media on Hardball.

Katy Abram's town hall speech on 08.11.09 (skip to 5:30):

Hardball's TV spot from 08.12.09:

Katy called Glenn Beck on his radio show on 08.13.09. Listen here:


LL said...

Katy Abram and those like her are threats to the Administration. I'm sure there is a whole platoon of ACORN people assigned to try to damage her, frighten her, terrorize her and that the state-run news media will try to dig up issues from her past to discredit her -- and if they don't find anything, they'll make it up.

In the current orientation of the Executive & Legislative Branches, she's an Enemy of the State.

I wonder which insurance company, firearms lobby or big corporate interest is paying her to say these things.

When you look at the Democratic rallys, they have to bus in hirelings to represent their interests. Therefore the only recourse they have to the Katys of this world is to use the media to demonize them, to frighten or injure them with Union Thugs or other Quislings on the payroll.

Katy is my hero!


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