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Why is census data so important? It is used for everything that effects our micro-governed world. The data is used by, "demographers, cartographers, the business community, the nonprofit community and local government entities. It is used to plan where the roads are going, where to put the water mains, the sewer lines, schools and the like." (L.A. Times) This data is also used to determine congressional districts and more. So what would happen if this data was skewed or manipulated? Could it be altered to dictate a determined outcome for say...a congress person to obtain a seat in congress despite the true account of the delegates?

See this goofball district as an example in NC: District 12, Mel Watt This district runs along a major highway corridor which happens to capture the living areas that are dominantly minority and even government subsidized housing.

"Appealing to Obama, Latino groups won the president's agreement that the...Census director would report directly to the West Wing of the White House." (L.A. Times)

"As the 2010 Census approaches, President Obama is making plans to transfer the entire census-taking process — and ultimately, its outcome — to the White House, away from the Commerce Department and outside of any court review. That means that the Secretary of Commerce — most likely Judd Gregg — would not be coordinating or overseeing any aspect of the census. Instead it would be handed to Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s chief of staff. And there’s the rub." (John Birch Society Report)

A great article concerning statistical sampling vs. the raw count. Tweaking the Census

"The result will unconstitutionally increase the number of representatives in some states and deprive some other states of their rightful political representation. Citizens of “loser” states should be outraged. Yet few are even aware of what’s going on." (The Wall Street Journal)



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