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Kennedy should be honored with the health care bill. Ted Kennedy was a fighter and wanted to live. His health care was not rationed nor was it decided for him. Kennedy was not rejected health care due to his age or condition. There was no committee deciding this for him to insure others had access to the same pot of money. He had the freedom to make his own health care decisions to live as long as he could. We should have the same opportunity in our lives so this health care bill should honor him by allowing every citizen to choose what health care options we wish to pursue.

Obama stated "we are partners with God", regarding health care. In any subject matter we nor any government are not "partners" with God. We are his servants, we are not on the same level with the creator of this universe. What egotism to see one's self on the same level as God. There is another being that comes to mind that thought this way and was cast from God's presence for eternity. I do not want to be associated with anyone or any government that pursues this ideology. (Article)

Additionally, we've seen what happens what the American government sees their role a a partnership with God in deciding the value of human life. It's called SLAVERY and we know how well that went over with society.


Greg said...

Good point about slavery. I'm an atheist, but I think we essentially agree on the key issue. See this: for one perspective on the growing difference between the "right" and the "left" (or really, the "right" and everybody else)


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