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"Why can’t Congress deliver simple solutions like these? Politics! Everyone wants a piece of the pie. Healthcare bills currently in Congress are not about reforming healthcare. They are about increasing government power, paybacks to political supporters, and advancing socialism and government dependence, which results in more power to Washington politicians."

"If it was about healthcare, the bill wouldn’t have been written by Obama’s friends at the George Soros funded Apollo Alliance which parents a litany of left wing radical, if not communist, organizations like ACORN, Organizing for America, SEIU,, and others." (Canada Free Press Article)


Catawissa Gazetteer said...

Hey One, hows it going?

I've got a theory. Health Care is part of a larger plan to collapse humanity. I've been thinking about Natural Law, human rights and the ongoing effort to supplant one with the other.
If we can be convinced that we have no rights apart from those granted by the government we become nothing more than gears in the collective. It is our God given Natural Law rights that set us apart as indivduals, beholden to no one and responsible for our own actions, which is the last thing the state wants us to be. The state would rather we posses only civil rights, granted by the state and able to be withdrawn, manipulated and designed to keep us productive members of the machine. Civil rights like healthcare. I wrote about this in more depth at:

Thanks for your time and keep on bloggin'.

Tom Usher

a guy with a family living in suburbia said...


You make a great point. The Science Czar comes to mind that thinks a person is not human until he/she has been properly socialized, among other things. If government can be in "partnership" with God as Obam claims then we have arrived a very scary place in history. What's next?

Catawissa Gazetteer said...

Welcome to the crazy train.

I think what's next is this. Once we have been conditioned to believe in the state and business as our new religion, placing all of our hopes and dreams comfortably in their care, they will be destroyed. Since we have rejected God and true religious belief we will be left with nothing to believe in. People will be cast into a state of complete despair. This will open the door for the emergence of a New World Order and a leader or group of leaders that will attempt to control us by taking the place of the high priests of the new religious order.
This new religion will deny the individual and focus instead on the collective. People will be nothing more than a means to an end; the end being the support of the wealth and power of the few at the top.
I think we have entered into the destructive phase of this plan as our economic and political systems begin to crash around the world. We are going to see the people that still believe in the old religion (you know, God and all that) begin to push back, things such as the Tea Party movement. I'm afraid it may get rather ugly from here on out.
Watch for the miraculous. Things are going to happen that will draw lines in the sand regarding the truth. I think that God is going to make it very clear which side He is on so that we are making an informed choice.
Thanks for your time. The nice man in the white uniform would like me to go back to my room.



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