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"The question should be whether it (Iran) is capable of doing this (making a nuclear bomb). Yes. Technically speaking, it is capable of it. If Iran wants to produce nuclear bombs within a short period of time, it can. It's over."

"Iran's missiles can now reach Europe. They are 50 miles from Saudi Arabia. Tehran will therefore be able to threaten the biggest oil spigot for the industrialized world, just by building more and more missiles and bombs." (American Spectator Article)

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LL said...

With anyone else in the White House, there is considerable deterrent power that can turn Iran into a sea of radioactive glass within about an hour.

Dear Leader is a bit of a wild card. It creates difficulty when you consider deterrent.

Anonymous said...

While oblama does the liberal shuffle which consists of fits of uncontrollable knee-jerking followed by episodes of hope and change rhetoric, Israel will deal with Iran when the timing suits them.

IMHO, Obama and his socialists are far too busy looking for the golden egg (now it's stock market traders) that will pay for his ridiculous health care scheme. He hasn't got the time, energy or presence to face Iran down on the nuclear issue.

It sounds unpatriotic on the surface, but I mean this strictly as I say: I trust the Israelis to deal with Iran right now more that I trust oblama and his socialists.


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