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The Patient Choice Act is a better solution for Health Care reform than the proposed government take over. Even if it is not the perfect answer let's at least have the debate. Please lobby your representatives to consider this option.

Some of what it includes:
" advanceable, refundable tax credit for all Americans to buy portable health insurance."

"...allowing the current tax incentives for businesses to remain intact. So if you like what you have, you can keep it - but it will be your decision."

"...reform the second-class care for society's most vulnerable by converting the broken Medicaid program from a defined benefit to a defined contribution program."

" addition to the universal tax credit, Medicaid beneficiaries would receive additional resources to pay for health care."

"...ensure affordable, quality coverage for all, we propose real insurance reforms that reorient the incentives of these companies so that they jibe with patients."

"...encourages state-based solutions - in the form of voluntary health exchanges."

"...ensure that market forces can actually work in health care, patients must know what services cost and who provides the best service."

" industry-based Healthcare Services Commission that will bring much-needed transparency to the currently opaque health care market."
(Washington Times Op-Ed)

Burr's press release.

The Bill, S.1099

May 20, 2009, Press Conference:



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