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"Saul Alinsky, crusader for the downtrodden, darling of the Auxiliary Archbishop of Chicago, was just an underachieving nobody with neither guts nor moral code, who flummoxed a whole lot of willing-to-be-deceived power seekers. Saul Alinsky didn't invent a single new thing. His whole methodology, so widely-hailed by whole generations of leftists, could have been devised by any 12 year-old gang-style bully with half a brain and an ounce of charisma."

"It's quite disheartening, now, to see the top echelons of the Democratic Party using Alinsky tactics in an attempt to freeze political dialogue, most especially when that dialogue is about the most intimate service we Americans procure for ourselves and our families: our medical care." (American Thinker Article)

Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals by C. Miyamoto. How to Resist this Fabricated Crisis ...


Anonymous said...

Excellent post, friend!!

Ya know, some of these "rules" work for us too! That set of rules goes way back to the original Berkeley wedge-drivers.

We need to see clearly that the knee-jerkers actually use these "rules" in their every-day dealings with we the people.

Time to take 'em apart.


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