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In today’s political climate we take sides: Democrats vs. Republicans. The Democrats think the Republicans have it all wrong because they are avoiding the opportunities for government to “take care” of the people. The Republicans think the Democrats have it all wrong because they are destroying the economy and power of America. The politicians pit us against each other and the media stokes the debate daily. We get lost in this struggle, but that’s point.

This great country was started with the vision and love for freedom. Tyranny had been experienced by our founding fathers and they knew we needed structure to prevent tyrannical government. They also knew no rule or order would usher in anarchy and society would not function. The solution was a limited government that skirted the edge of anarchy yet just enough structure to have order and civility. The design was to stay far from tyranny so no government could control the people and allow the people to control the government.

While we have been busy feuding between the two parties we have not even noticed the transition our country has taken. Today we are so far from the Constitution and we are now skirting the edge of tyranny. The image here helps illustrate this positioning. Be very aware of where we are today. Don’t get lost in the political party game. Take a stand for the Constitution and our freedom while we still have a voice.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't Ross Perot deserve some tangential blame here? We could at least be in a three party system today had he not bailed out when he did. This ying-yang, right-wrong, left-right, Democrat-Republican groove that we've fallen into seems to always pit us against each other on an almost 50/50 split. It's human nature. Hell, I argue with my wife about things I don't believe in just to play devil's advocate.

a guy with a family living in suburbia said...

Ross Perot and less of an impact, Ron Paul. I am very much in favor of breaking up the party monopoly we live in today. The people's voice is not heard in Washington and our delegates obviously won't listen to us, even at home in a town hall meeting. We need true leaders that will represent the people and not themselves or major corporations. I am hoping for change!

LL said...

I'm glad that your scale accurately reflects where the Democrats and Republicans are located - neck-in-neck.


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