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Steven Crowder of Pajamas Media shows you were the stimulus money has been landing around the country.


LL said...


I feel a lot better about the stimulus money now. The Salton Sea Yacht Club seemed like a great idea for the local economy but why only $3.5 million? Yeah all the fish in the Salton Sea are dead and it’s essentially a cesspool of pesticides, but if you build it, they will come, right? Millions of tourists flocking to the dead, filthy, poison lake in the desert.

The walking path around Lake Ladybird should have received more than $18 million? Don’t you just feel cheap that we didn’t make it an even $20 million for a body of water named after a Democratic First Lady?

$386 million for a hotel in Dallas? I’m sure it will improve the convention trade won’t it? What’s the kickback on $386,000,000 and to whom?

$2.16 billion for a solar project in Los Angeles. Uh, why? I’d rather have nuclear power, but the Obama Administration spiked any nuclear power development during this administration. But if it’s such a great idea, why not let private industry make the investment.

I know, the list is endless.

It was designed to reward the Obama faithful. The biggest kickback and loyalty buying scheme in the history of the world.

Change I've come to expect...

The Third Party Movement said...

I am so tired of the two party system in American Politics. The media completely discredits any other party. These candidates do not stand a chance come election time. It is time for us to join together and take back what is ours.


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