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This report from Rochester, New York is very telling of how welfare money is used...correction...abused.

"...the county has been overwhelmed by reports, some of them from store owners, of people using the money to buy TVs and other luxury items."

"The $200 per child grants showed up in welfare accounts this week. Many recipients had no idea the money was coming, and flooded area stores and ATMs. The money is a combination of $140 million in federal stimulus funds and a $35 million donation from philanthropist George Soros. About $6.5 million went to more than 32,400 children in Rochester. Critics have said the program invited waste and abuse, because there are no strings attached to the grant money." (Read the report)


LL said...

It would be interesting to find out whether or not there was a memo clipped to the check: IF YOU VOTE DEMOKRAT, THERE WILL BE MORE "STIMULUS".

What we're seeing with the ObamaNation is simply disgraceful.


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