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By the sound of it, "Single-Payer" seems to imply that an individual, or single payer, manages the health care. Sound great and a cool buzzword to go with it. Not so fast....

"What is Single Payer? Single-payer is a term used to describe a type of financing system. It refers to one entity acting as administrator, or “payer.” In the case of health care, a single-payer system would be setup such that one entity—a government run organization—would collect all health care fees, and pay out all health care costs. In the current US system, there are literally tens of thousands of different health care organizations—HMOs, billing agencies, etc. By having so many different payers of health care fees, there is an enormous amount of administrative waste generated in the system. (Just imagine how complex billing must be in a doctor’s office, when each insurance company requires a different form to be completed, has a different billing system, different billing contacts and phone numbers—it’s very confusing.) In a single-payer system, all hospitals, doctors, and other health care providers would bill one entity for their services. This alone reduces administrative waste greatly, and saves money, which can be used to provide care and insurance to those who currently don’t have it.
" (from

So the single-payer is the federal government (not you the individual). We see how well the government has managed the great "Clunker" trade-in deal with the automobile industry. "If they can't administer a program like this, I'd be a little concerned about my health insurance," car salesman Rob Bojaryn said
in a from New York (report).

Put aside the monetary savings that is supposed to be found with a single-payer system. What about the availability and quality of health care? Canada and the UK are great examples of what not to do. John Stossel reported on 20/20 (video) about Canada having a lottery for health care. This may (or may not) prove to be a more fiscally sound option but a government take over of health care is certainly
not a healthy thing.


Anonymous said...

I HOPE this CHANGE does not happen.


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