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There are pieces of history many of us are not familiar with. Well, we are about to relive some things that happened in Germany under Hitler and more recently in Zimbabwe. Our economy is tanking and the long term view is more grim than we wish to imagine.

Forbes just published an article about the Fed facing its Zimbabwe Moment. (Forbes article)

Glenn Beck explains similarities:

USA Repeats Germany in Weimar Republic (Sean Hannity interview with Evan Bayh Indiana Senator):

Weimar Republic: From Democracy to Dictatorship video:


LL said...

We need a charismatic leader who is not afraid to break a few eggs to make his omlet - somebody who can bus in supporters to fill any rally with a throng of adoring masses. A leader who is not afraid to spout the need for Change - even if it transforms the republic into a national socialist state.

Hold on, I'm in a time warp. Are we talking about Deutschland or Amerika?


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