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Can you spot the real story here?

"President Obama and former President Bill Clinton took over a pricey pasta palace in Greenwich Village for a private lunch yesterday as the Secret Service guarded the doors, and traffic on local streets came to a standstill."

"We had fish, pasta and salad. It was very healthy," said Clinton, who has reformed from his jalapeƱo-cheeseburger days. "Even I was healthy."

"But The Post has learned that Obama ate capellini with shrimp and clams. Clinton chose a branzino, or European sea bass, special, which at Il Mulino is usually stuffed with garlic and rosemary. They drank water."

"Most of the conversation was about the economy, particularly the global economy," but they also chatted about health care, Gibbs said. "I think President Obama values the type of advice that President Clinton has."
As the two presidents left the restaurant, the staff was given a small metal box of Whitman's chocolates with the presidential seal on it. "It was an experience of a lifetime. It was a great thrill," the owner told The Post. (New York Post Article)


collier1960 said...

Not sure what the 'real story' is, but why were the chocolates in a lock box?

a guy with a family living in suburbia said...

Great question. I think the real story is less about what they ate but more what they talked about. Why was Obama meeting his not so good friend Bill Clinton? One thought is he needs Bill's help to get out of this ACORN scandal. Scandals are on thing Slick Willy knows something about.


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