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"Today House Republicans will introduce a bill that would end all federal funding to ACORN and its affiliates. Republicans are also sending a letter to President Obama on the same subject." (Washington Examiner Article)

Be sure to check at 4:00 and watch Beck at 5:00 to see a new video released.


Hans said...

What's the big deal? These right wing nuts are just trying to create a bigger connection with Osama and Acorn. They have only received 53 million in tax dollars since 1994, what's the big deal?

a guy with a family living in suburbia said...

Any time we hear "federal funding" that translates to taxed money form you and me. This is not about right or left or parties, this is about freedom and control.

Let me ask a reasonable question: Would you freely choose to pay your money to an organization that was promoting housing for a prostitution ring, encouraging illegals to live in our country under the radar, supports the "ownership" of 13, 14, and 15 year old girls for sex, and supports a future politician who will be using money earned from prostitution to run his campaign?

I personally would not want $2 of my money going to an organization like this. And this is exactly what is happening with ACORN. The $53 million they have received is not nearly as offensive as $8.5 BILLION they are scheduled to receive from the stimulus bill. That is my money, that is your money.

This is not about left and right. This is about a government controlling our money and doing what they want to do with our money. The big deal is...the government is not doing what WE THE PEOPLE want them to do with our money.


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