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A collection of some things I observe along the way.


ACORN is being exposed for corruption. (Slate Report)

NEA has been busted for using tax money to create propaganda. (
Washington Times Editorial)

Iran apparently has another nuclear plant and is test firing missiles. (
MyWay News Article)

India is making high-yield weapons. ( Article)

Venezuela is exploring uranium deposits with Russia. (
AP Story)

We have soldiers dying in Afghanistan and Iraq. (Washington Post Chart)

Unemployment is 9.6%. (
Google Chart)

We are in trade disputes with China. (
Bloomberg Article)

Health care reform that will create higher taxes and destroy our liberties is being forced down our throat. (
Wall Street Journal Article)

Brazil's VP wants to develop nuclear arms. (
NewsMax Report)

The dollar continues to drop. (Breitbart Article)

...meanwhile, Obama frees three more Gitmo detainees. (
ABC News)


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It is easier to free terrorist than support the troops.


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