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I Pledge Video

When in history have people been asked to "pledge" to follow a president? This is not American!!


LL said...

"I pledge to be a servant to the President".

The only modern parallel I can find is this one:

"We pledge to you, Adolf Hitler, loyalty and bravery. We swear obedience to you and the superiors appointed by you, even unto death, as god is our witness."

The old Wermacht pledged loyalty to Germany. When Hitler rose to power, he changed the pledge to require loyalty directly to him.

There is a cult of personality that follows narcissistic characters like Hitler and Obama where their dominant interest is in themselves; the state in which the ego is invested; rather than in the country. The good of the supreme leader becomes the ultimate good that can be done.

And it always ends badly.

Anonymous said...

Like a ridiculous liberal cop put it, "This ain't (America) no more"


Hitler Youth 2009 -- we the people have learned NOTHING from (recent) history.


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