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"Wake up America, Islam is not just a religion. It is an entire political, cultural and monetary system designed around their so called “Religion.” Islam and its various advocacy groups are trying to garner sympathy and support from Americans who do not fully understand this wolf hiding in sheep’s clothing. Most Americans simply dismiss issues surrounding Islam thinking that Muslims are simply exercising their religious rights under the 1st Amendment. This is not true."

"Islam is abusing and perverting the rights afforded to religions under the 1st Amendment. It has to stop."

"A shining example of the blatant abuse of the 1st Amendment by Islam is the issue of facial or head coverings. Islamic advocates insist that this is their religious right and therefore should be exempt from US law. This is a bold, outright lie. The facial and head coverings are a CULTURAL issue and have absolutely nothing to do with the religion of Islam. Nowhere in the Quran does it instruct women to cover their faces. They are instructed to cover their bosoms. Notably, you will see Muslim women covering their heads and faces with a scarf meanwhile wearing tight form fitting jeans and top with their nipples showing through the material. At that point one can safely dismiss the validity of the issue regarding the required religious modesty of the Muslim women. If I can tell what kind of panties you are wearing and can clearly see your breasts and nipples, you might as well forget the headscarf. Modesty at that time is a moot point." (Northeast Intelligence Network Report)


Anonymous said...

It's not their fault. They're moslems who hate us by definition. They would not have access to our Constitution if our war with them was prosecuted properly. The fault lies with the ridiculous liberal-socialists who wish to keep Americans confused about who our enemies are. Political offices charged with making moral decisions like these are now rife with such permissives. Identifying and removing these socialists would be a big step toward treating cowardly moslem POWs as they deserve to be treated.

Candle said...

This is a great blog, and I agree, Islam is abusing the constitution. They are using our own values against us, and our government is a willing accomplice. There are a large number of peaceful Muslims, but Bush should have never said "Islam is a religion of peace" - they should be proving it BEFORE we say it.


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