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Rep. Bachmann appears on a Fox Business panel to discuss the impact of Obama's tariff on tires from China, along with his seemingly cohesive relationship with America's unions.


LL said...

Dear Leader is required to pay back the labor unions for their support and if it means a trade dispute, then he'll make good his payback. You have to hand it to Dear Leader. Once bought, he stays bought.

I don't feel as if Dear Leader has a good handle on America's foreign policy. According to what Dear Leader has said, Vice President Joe (Slow Joe) Biden is his chief foreign policy advisor.

I'm not calling Joe Biden a "Quisling". I simply suspect that he's suffering from dementia and is therefore oblivious of what he says and of the impact those bits of Bidenisms on America.

Anonymous said...

Bachmann has a great point. Especially in light of what LL said. There are many manufacturing efforts that have been reduced or completely done away with in the past 20 years or so. Not just the tire tariff. I'd argue that we do need a MINIMAL degree of protectionism, but not with the benifits aimed squarely at unions. It should be across the board evenly, so as not to anger any one trade partner.

Even with harsh protectionism and huge tax increases, chairman o can't possibly raise the money to pay all he owes for this election. When you add health care to the mix, he's pretty much washed.

You KNOW of course that China will respond by dumping even more US debt going forward?


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