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CBS reporter David Martin, "You've only talked to him once in 70 days?"
~ "That's correct,"
Gen. McChrystal replied.

"President Obama has been taking time out of his busy schedule of stalling on Afghanistan to spend hours on the golf course each Sunday. Will somebody please inform him that if he still wants to behave as a community organizer with loads of time on his hands, the community that needs direction is our military in Afghanistan. And that his generals are on Line 1."

"In an astonishing admission on Sunday's "60 Minutes," Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, Mr. Obama's own choice to lead the counterinsurgency effort in Afghanistan, said he has only spoken to the president once since taking command there."

"Mr. Obama looks as if he's desperately seeking the minimum he can get away with. The public is turning on the war, and his own party is increasingly opposed to any new commitment there. Mr. Obama, like most of his Democratic predecessors, finds military engagement anathema."

"Those who have been on the fairway with Mr. Obama say he treats his golf game seriously and plays to win. If only we would see that same fierce drive for victory when it comes to our commitment in Afghanistan." (Washington Times Article, Monica Crowley)



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