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"Gun Owners won a huge vote Wednesday in the Senate."

"As you remember, the ObamaCare bill would dump your gun-related health data into a federal database. It would also put your (government mandated) insurance at risk if you keep a loaded gun for self-defense."

"But there was a problem: The anti-gun health bills cost too much, and Obama had promised to pass a bill which would not raise the deficit by “one penny.”

"So what Obama, Reid, and Pelosi did was to try to pass a separate bill (S. 1776) which would fund the anti-gun ObamaCare bill by raising the deficit another $247 billion dollars."

"But, they would argue, because S. 1776 was a “separate bill,” the ObamaCare bill itself would not raise the deficit."

"With gun owners responding vigorously to our alerts on this issue, the motion to invoke “cloture” (or shut off debate) on the bill failed by a 47-53 vote -- 13 votes short of the 60 votes the anti-gun socialists needed." (Gun Owners of America Story)



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