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"Instead of 7.2 million net jobs lost since December 2007, the preliminary benchmark estimate suggests the U.S. has lost over 8.0 million net jobs during that period."

"Even before the annual revision, the current employment recession was already the worst recession since WWII in terms of percent of job losses. The benchmark revision shows this recession was even deeper. The revision will be reported in February ... just something to remember over the next few months." (
Calculated Risk Post)


Right-Wing Libertarian said...

So long as Oblama, his socialists and their trade union bedmates keep making it very uncomfortable for businesses to work in the United States, we'll see huge unemployment.

These free-money liberals spend all their time going after the "deep pockets" of American businesses. They have to do this to keep the cashflow available to buy the votes which keep them in office. Throw in labor unions with their graft, and the frivolous litigation attorneys with their ridiculous product liability claims and it just plain isn't worth it for anyone to build a business in such an unfriendly and unstable environment. I guess people have to live it to learn from it. Again. You wanna work again? You want America to excel again? The socialists have to go. Any less and we're just another third-world flag at the U.N. pffft.


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