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STAY AWAY FROM OUR KIDS!!! "Day care is the next frontier: New Harvard research shows few states require that child-care providers take specific nutrition and physical activity steps considered key to keeping the under-5 crowd fit."

"And while years of work now have older kids starting to get healthier food in schools, more and more kindergartners show up their first day already overweight or obese."

"We've got to start really early. Elementary school is too late," Dr. Lynn Silver of the New York City Health Department — a leader in anti-obesity standards for day care — told a recent meeting that brought child-care specialists together with federal and state health authorities to start learning how."

"This isn't about putting youngsters on a diet. It's about teaching them early, before bad habits form, how being active and eating healthy can be the norm — and that junk food, including the chicken nuggets-type fare that we call "kid food" — should be a rare treat."

"How much should a preschooler eat? An easy-to-use Web site gives specifics: Generally, a preschool serving size is about 1 tablespoon of each food type for every year of age. Proper portion sizes were a surprise to Maria Matos, who bought serving spoons pre-measured for preschoolers so they can dip while teachers tell how a colorful plate is a healthy plate." (AP Story)



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