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Peter Schiff on the market - October 14th, 2009.


Right-Wing Libertarian said...

It's fake. I mean, it's becoming more and more of a meaningless number. If more of our foreign business competitors begin to leave the dollar alone in favor of other currencies, it'll take some re-valuations (of the dollar) to get it right. We haven't even begun to see any inflation as a result of government attempts to correct for the recession. It usually follows. If nothing happens to restart the employment engine in this country, it will as some predict, lead to a depression. By then, foreigners will avoid the dollar and the fake stock market will become very real. It will be much more than a "market correction".

Obama and his socialists don't seem interested in stimulating the manufacturing sector, and that is dangerous. We are on a slippery slope that could land us in a depression very quickly.


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