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A collection of some things I observe along the way.


"On three fronts - South Korean trade, Ukrainian/Russian diplomacy and Afghan war fighting - the Obama administration is being increasingly pressured by unfolding events to shed ideology and rationalizations and come quickly to a realistic analysis of world events and their consequences."

"In each of these cases, in the absence of very prompt United States policy decisions and actions, we shall incur long-term irreversible economic, geopolitical or national security harm. I will discuss the Afghan war decision in a future column."

"In the case of South Korea, last week the European Union completed a bilateral trade deal (requiring approval by the EU Parliament) with South Korea. While the 2006 U.S. deal with South Korea languishes unratified by both a Congress and White House controlled by the evidently protectionist wing of the Democratic Party, the Europeans cannot believe their luck. They basically copied our hard-negotiated, tentative agreement, and if they soon ratify, it will be able to take economic advantages over the United States."

"European officials are "ecstatic" at the access they have gained. Catherine Ashton, the EU trade commissioner, told the Financial Times: "I think the package is the best we'll ever get and I think it's a fantastic package for Europe." "There is no doubt the Korea-U.S. agreement was used as a benchmark or even a model from the Korean side," Christopher Dent, professor of east Asian political economy at Leeds University in the United Kingdom told the Financial Times last week." (Washington Times Article)



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