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"One of the few places in the world not yet plagued by government intervention is the internet. Although some governments in certain parts of the world have infiltrated the activities of the internet to varying degrees, it remains the closest thing to a purely free economy that we can identify in the modern world."

"On the internet, the beautiful aspects of human nature manifest themselves, and we see individuals and companies maximizing their talents and resources for reasons of profit, pleasure, altruism, and mere progress in itself. Given that the government neither inhibits the activities of the internet nor props up or favors any particular actors or individuals, perhaps we are witnessing the closest thing to a free market that man has ever witnessed."

"Sure enough, various actors in DC are now lobbying to regulate the internet. In April 2009, AP began to publicize a widespread attack on Google — arguably the most successful company and widely enjoyed technology of the past 10 years. As more and more information-providing companies see their revenues dwindle as a result of better and more convenient information being provided by competitors on the internet, we can be certain that a greater number of companies will congregate in DC to propose greater regulation."

"Let us hope our government is stern enough to defend the Constitution as it was written with the intent of dealing with this type of dilemma. The first amendment, freedom of the press, was most strongly emphasized by Thomas Jefferson. He stated, "Where the press is free and every man able to read, all is safe." (Ludwig von Mises Institute Story)


LL said...

The Internet is the ultimate expression of free speech in the world. America should be the absolute proponent of NO CONTROLS over the Internet. If it's being use to commit crimes (child porn, etc.) prosecute the abusers.

The present administration in DC has smashed or co-opted the mainstream media and Fox is feeling its wrath. Dissent can't be tolerated when you're Chicago thugs (raised and nurtured on intimidation, knuckle busting and nail pulling). True to form, they handle dissent the Chicago way. The newspapers folded as well - because if they print the truth, they're RACISTS.

The only bastion of free speech left in mass-media is the Internet. I'm positive they'll want any discussion that paints Dear Leader in a negative light to be made illegal. They'll prosecute, persecute or do what it takes to get Barack Hussein Obama and his coterie of "friends" in power.


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