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"The first death sentence for participation in Iran’s post election protests was handed down on Monday, an Iranian reformist website has reported."

"Mowcamp, one of the many Farsi-language sites relied on by opposition supporters to spread news, reported that the accused, Mohammed Reza Ali-Zamani, had been informed of the verdict on Monday after the conclusion of his trial. The website gave no source for its report, which could not be independently verified."

"f confirmed, it would be the first death sentence yet in the trials of more than 100 opposition supporters for allegedly fomenting street violence following President Ahmadinejad’s disputed election victory in June." (London Times Article)


Amusing Bunni said...

Hi One's Observations! Thanks for finding and following me, I've returned the have a really great blog here!

This is awful news, and to be expected. At the rate America is going, with our horrid "leadership" from the top down, I shudder to think that this might be coming here one of these days if obama and his psychotic czars have their way. Take care.


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