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"If everything taking place right now on the Iranian front continues as expected, it is then that Israel will need to make one of its most difficult decisions ever - to attack Iran or allow it to continue with its nuclear program."

"By the spring of 2010, Israel will know the results of the dialogue between the world's leading powers and Iran that is scheduled to begin on October 1, as well as whether the world will impose real, tough sanctions."

"Nevertheless, Cordesman conceded that Israel was very serious regarding the military option and would likely focus any strike on three targets - the Busher reactor, Natanz and the Arak heavy water facility. The enrichment center near Qom, as well as known Iranian airfields, missile silos and launchers can also be added to the list." (Jerusalem Post Article)


Candle said...

I honestly don't think they should be waiting at all. Millions of Israeli lives are at stake. Same goes with Iran of course, but they are the aggressors.

Anonymous said...

I dunno, my friend. I sorta go with what Candle said. Israel will probably not wait one day longer than they absolutely have to. When they do hit Iran, Oblama and the rest of the socialists will cry foul immediately. The Israelis may want to have their justification ducks in a row when that happens (intel and stuff). IMHO, If I was Netanyahu and I had to deal with Obama, I wouldn't give a snit.

I would guess that Iran "hopes" Israel waits until the so-called "dialog" is completed. It could mean two things: (1) the Iranian bomb ain't ready and Iran is stalling or (2) They have *one* ready but they ain't exactly sure it'll work yet, and they need time to hide it somewhere before the strike.

To show ya how wrong I was, I expected an Israeli strike before Oblama rose to power.


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