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Sent to me from a fellow American:

"I heard this morning on Fox News this a.m. from Brent Bozell, Founder of the Media Research Center that
Harry Reid plans to change the already passed HR 1586 Bill taxing the bonus' of CEO's to include/replace with the HR 3200 Health Care Bill. He will strip the already passed 1586 bill and craft the final language for 3200. Already passed then in the Senate, it will go back to the House and the House Majority Leader, Steny Hoyer has already said he won't rule out automatically ruling on this WITHOUT anyone READING IT, debating it or having hearings on it. It is sure to include the "public option".

So be vigilant and pass this information on to everyone you know and ask them to write, call, email and fax Steny Hoyer in the House, Harry Reid in the Senate and your own Senators and Congressmen, Nancy Pelosi and the President and tell them you know what they are sneaking around trying to do and you are letting others know, too. Honestly, you have to be constantly on these people!! Get the word out!"

Contact our government now:

Harry Reid
Nancy Pelosi
Steny Hoyer
Office of the President
Senate Finance Committee


hypecom said...

God. how bout they worry about stim care is a smoke screen.
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