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“It’s definitely odd,” stated one law enforcement official close to the investigation, speaking to this author on the strict condition of anonymity in Syracuse on Monday. “There are issues that are under investigation that are well outside of public purview,” added this source, saying that the blast was not directly related to the building’s heating or electrical system. “The blast occurred in a location that one would not expect if it was caused by a heating unit, at least not in the normal sense. It’s curious.”

"The Syracuse school also has links to the Muslim Student Association (MSA) in Buffalo, New York, which is linked to the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and a large Islamic “compound” in Buffalo. The Northeast Intelligence Network published an extensive report on our investigative findings of that facility in 2005. [Download report here in PDF format]. The information contained in that report is perhaps more relevant today than at the time of its original publication." (Northeast Intelligence Network Post)



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