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Gerald Celente explains there is no recovery. It's all a smoke screen.


Anonymous said...

Celente nails it. He's making the point about priorities the leftwigs have totally missed. It's the employment picture. We don't even have one! Unless we can (re)start the manufacturing engine in the U.S., the money-printing scam will evaporate into uncontrollable inflation. Oblama and his socialists have absolutely no idea about how to fix this, so it's smoke and mirrors time, or they risk the natives becoming restless. They can't keep people fooled forever, and that's why Celente mentions the "R" word. "Liberals have NOTHING"

One's Observations said...

I must dispute one portion of your comment. I think Obama and his band of thugs know how they could fix the economy. (Bernanke is an expert on the Great Depression.) The way I see it they don't want to fix it, they want to destroy it, thus destroying the American society as we know it. If they remove the free economy, they can remove the free society. This allows for more crisis, implementing the Cloward-Piven Strategy and then overriding the Constitution...all in the name of crisis.

It is so very obvious this group in leadership is not stupid and that they have an agenda. One can only conclude it is not lack of knowledge or know how, but lack of desire to make things better.


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