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Despite Obama's rhetoric it is proving even more difficult to get small business loans.

"President Obama stated that stimulus spending has led to small businesses receiving $13 billion in new loans and $4.3 billion in federal contracts, for a total of $17.3 billion. That means small businesses have received only 0.6 percent out of the $2.8 trillion in stimulus funds invested by the government. In comparison, AIG received $180 billion in taxpayer money, while America's 27 million small businesses have received $17.3 billion." (Huffington Post Article)

"Americans are being denied Small Business loans by the very banks they helped bail out, says Big banks were first to take taxpayer's money, but when Small Businesses hit financial trouble, the banks responded by refusing to loan to most of them. There are plenty of Small Business loan options, but because they aren't a big bank, these options are often overlooked." (PR Web Report)



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