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"Movie theater audiences can now add another item to the list of things to expect before the film actually begins: Federal Reserve advice about credit card use."

"Timed for the upcoming kickoff of the holiday shopping season, the Fed said Wednesday it will run ads in 12 movie theaters from Black Friday through Dec. 3."

"Sandwiched between soft drink and popcorn ads, the 45-second spots will provide shoppers with tips to help them avoid racking up unnecessary charges and fees on their credit cards."

"Those tips include:
-Paying bills on time to avoid late fees.
-Staying below credit limits to avoid fees and higher interest rates.
-Paying more than the minimum payment each month, which over time will cut down on interest charges.
-Paying attention to transactions fees for things like cash advances or paying a bill by phone.
-Watching for changes in account terms." (AP via WKOWTV)

Duh!!!! You'd think our government could more fiscally responsible but instead they are spending money on this crap.



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