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"Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama signed a combined nearly $1.5 trillion in federal spending in the attempt to correct the nation's economic tailspin, but with unemployment soaring over 10 percent, Congress is gearing up to pass yet another economic "stimulus" package, perhaps as soon as January."

"The Los Angeles Times reports that President Obama and fellow Democrats in particular are in process of assembling a new jobs package that would devote unspecified billions of dollars to projects meant to put people back on payrolls in 2010. The House version of "stimulus 3.0" may even be pushed through as quickly as next month." (WorldNetDaily Article)


Anonymous said...

Any "stimulus 3.0" or whatever they call it had better include stimulation for businesses to manufacture and hire in THIS country. So far, every quick-buck scheme Obama has flown has taxed the crap out of anyone who even threatens to open or expand a business. With all this liberal elitism around, you'd think they would understand that in order to have JOBS in this country, there must be someplace to WORK!

sig94 said...

NYS lawyer Gideon J. Tucker said, "No man's life, liberty or property is safe while the Legislature is in session" in 1866.

Nothing has changed.

Anonymous said...

The Libs just do not get it.
You do not stimulate the economy by spendig.


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