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"Peter Schiff's views as an author, investor and free market idealist are no secret: Abolish the Fed, buy gold and avoid the dollar. With that in mind, Sunday night was something of a dream come true for the President of Euro Pacific Capital."

Schiff on Capitalism
"Capitalism is not the problem: "Just like during the 1930's, capitalism got a bad rap for all the damage that government did. Every time government policy interferes with capitalism and then creates a problem it's always capitalism that comes under fire not the government interference that led to the problem," he says. Schiff predicts this behavior will lead to the next calamity, a currency crisis which he claims will be even bigger than the one "we think we've solved."

Schiff on the Stock Market

"The stock market rally is an illusion: "It looks like stocks are going up but on a real basis they're going down" when compared to the value of gold, he says, predicting that trend will continue until the Dow trades on a one-to-one ratio with gold. (Today, the Dow is worth about 9 ounces of gold, down from a peak of 43 in 2000.)"

Schiff on Gold

"Gold is not a bubble. "It's a great buy, I think it's going higher." Earlier this month, India's central bank bought 200 metric tons of gold for more than $1000 an ounce; Schiff believes other central bankers will follow suit which should help drive prices higher for years to come." (Yahoo Finance Post)



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