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This is more evidence that our government is trying to keep the people down. The most iconic and important place to exercise the 1st Amendment is being incorporated into a plan to "preserve the Mall" because “Our primary challenge is that the historic landscape was never designed to be a civic space or to accommodate the enormous volume of visitors.” Why is the primary challenge not developing the space for the purpose the people have chosen to use it for over the past 50 years? Damn the intended design, this has clearly become the place to voice our desires for our government. “As our country has grown, this premier public space has evolved to meet the modern needs of our citizens and visitors. Today we are faced with the challenge of once again adapting its design to meet contemporary conditions while continuing to respect our democratic ideals and preserve its landscape and historic architectural elements.” Democratic ideals??? Did we democratically make this decision? Based on this quote the country has evolved so why not "evolve" the space rather we are being booted off so it can be "preserved"....pfff!!! Read the document here.



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