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A collection of some things I observe along the way.


"Obama's Rasmussen approval index dropped to its lowest point ever today. It's minus 14. Why would this be? I have a multiple choice question for you. Please choose between..."

A: News that the government may be setting up women for rationing screening for breast cancer.
B: Fines and incarceration for not buying into Obamacare.
C: Death panels, funding abortion, and illegals receiving Obamacare.
D: Bowing to royalty.
E: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed getting a show trial in New York City.
F: How about a national debt over $12 trillion?
G: Dithering in Afghanistan.
H: Stonewalling Congress on an investigation of the terror attack at Fort Hood, and the president's indifference to the attack when it happened.
I: Double-digit unemployment.
J: All of the above?

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