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"I’ve seen a lot from the left in the last twenty-four hours that I, and conservatives in general, do not want to give Khalid Sheikh Mohammed a fair trail and that I, and the right in general, do not believe in our system of due process."

"Let me be crystal clear: it is precisely because I believe in our system of due process in a civil setting that I do not want Khalid Sheikh Mohammed tried in such a setting. The left ignores this at its peril."

"I have full faith in our system of justice. Criminal defendants are given every advantage and resource to ensure they do not get convicted of a crime they did not commit. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will get most of those advantages and resources. But that is all a distraction from one central fact — Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is not a criminal. He is a soldier in a war captured on a battlefield. That is not something our criminal justice system was designed to handle and should not handle." (Red State Post)



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