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"It does not feel like it, but we are winning the war against ObamaCare."

"You may feel like the political system is broken and the Democrats are not listening to the voters. You feel that way because it is true, the Democrats are not listening. But that does not mean the bill will not die — because it turns out that the two Independent Senators are listening."

"Clearly, the Democratic Senate leadership and the White House put so much pressure on the so-called moderate Senators to win this one vote to proceed to the bill, they created a political mirage that the bill’s chances are strong. But they are not. The bill is very brittle, and when it implodes, it will shatter."

"As the bill stands right now, the Democrats cannot pass it. They cannot get to 60 votes on the vote to end the filibuster of the bill." (RedState Posting)


Anonymous said...

I'm wondering how high the bid will go to buy the required votes. Oblama wants his "legacy" and they all want the power gained by eroding a few more freedoms and grafting a few more dollars from our paychecks.

I think the liberal-dems know that Americans' anger level will go off the scale if they *did* pass the bill. It'll die a prolonged death so the knee-jerkers can get as much media face-time as possible, but I think it will die.

We cannot stop there however. We're gonna have to make sure they don't try to pull anything so heinous ever again. That means some hard-hitting tort reform and some moderate price controls on the medical, insurance and legal industries. Guess they'll have to throw the trial lawyers under the bus, but hey, it's a big bus and we all benefit from it in the long run.


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