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"Now it's Barack Obama's war. After campaigning against "George Bush's War"
in the Middle East, Obama has escalated that war. By transferring thousands
of America's forces from Iraq to Afghanistan, and by sending an additional
30,000 troops to Afghanistan, the liberal Democrat has demonstrated that his
administration is not so different from that of his "conservative"
Republican predecessor."

"While I was crisscrossing America during the campaign season last year, I

repeatedly predicted that no matter who won the White House, John McCain or
Barack Obama, neither would end the war in the Middle East. Many Democrats
tried to argue with me, saying they knew Obama would end the war. Now they
know I told the truth."

"During his speech at West Point in which he announced the war's escalation,

he said, "[T]he Taliban [is] a ruthless, repressive and radical movement."
What he (or John McCain or George W. Bush) never bothers to tell you is that
this is the same Taliban that the US government SUPPORTED, back when it was
fighting Soviet forces in Afghanistan."

"In the meantime, the Bush-Obama war (it was never America's war, as it was
never constitutionally declared by the people's representatives) drags on
and on and on."
(Chuck Baldwin's Column)



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