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Ironic, the same government that shuns conservative media outlets wants to insure "free press."

"The federal government is wading into deliberations over the future of journalism as printed newspapers, television stations and other traditional media outlets suffer from Americans' growing reliance on the Internet."

"With the media business in a state of economic distress as audiences and advertisers migrate online, the Federal Trade Commission began a two-day workshop Tuesday to examine the profound challenges facing media companies and explore ways the government can help them survive."

"Media executives taking part are looking for a new business model for an industry that is watching traditional advertising revenue dry up, without online revenue growing quickly enough to replace it. Government officials want to protect a critical pillar of democracy—a free press."

"News is a public good," FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz said. "We should be willing to take action if necessary to preserve the news that is vital to democracy." (BreitBart Article)


Anonymous said...

Another issue where a bloated and irresponsible government "thinks it can help".

Yep ... threatening us with the so-called "fairness doctrine" ... that's a big help, isn't it?

A socialist president who has "declared war" on Fox News simply because they are conservative in a world full of knee-jerk liberal media outlets. Another big help.

It's laughable to think that the government "can help" the cause of democracy after all the damage they've done (above). I doubt anything will change simply by calling for a two-day "workshop" that in all reality wasn't much more than a mini-junket for some federal employees.

Perhaps if the government kept its eye on the ball and performed the jobs it was chartered to do by the Constitution, they'd be much more "help" to Americans.


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