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"While the Senate is busy debating a Washington takeover of health care this week, the House will consider outrageous legislation that is getting much less attention: a bill to keep the death tax and make it permanent. The bill, H.R. 4154, would bring the death tax back to life less than a month before its scheduled repeal at the end of this calendar year."

"Back in 2001 Congress repealed the death tax with a long phase-out that finally ends this year. Because of a Democratic filibuster, they could only pass the repeal temporarily, for one year in 2010, before the tax returns in full force in 2011. The political calculation was that once the tax finally reached repeal, it would be very difficult to bring it back, especially in an election year. That’s exactly why Democrats are now trying to make the death tax permanent now, with the clock ticking down to repeal on January 1."

"The death tax is fundamentally a moral issue. Americans do not believe that death should be a taxable event. The Founders of our country believed this so strongly that they included a clause in the U.S. Constitution that forbids seizing an estate at death as a punishment for treason. Yet we now have a majority party that thinks it’s appropriate to take up to 45 percent of everything a person leaves to his children as a punishment for success, for achieving the American Dream." (FoxNews Opinion Article)

Contact your representatives about the death tax.



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