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"Mark Steyn is the author of America Alone: The End Of The World As We Know It, a New York Times bestseller and a Number One bestseller in Canada. His writing on politics, arts and culture can be read each week throughout much of the English-speaking world. Mark is also a visiting fellow of Hillsdale College, and a popular guest host on America's Number One radio show The Rush Limbaugh Program. His holiday single with Jessica Martin reached Number Seven on Amazon's easy listening chart."

"In the United States, his column appears in newspapers from The Washington Times to The Philadelphia Bulletin to The Orange County Register in California, as well as in Investors' Business Daily. In addition, Mark writes for The New Criterion, and serves as National Review's Happy Warrior. In Canada, he is a contributing editor to Maclean's, the Dominion's oldest and biggest-selling news weekly. Mark also appears in The Jerusalem Post, the Middle East's leading English-language daily; The Australian, Australia's national newspaper; Investigate and Hawke's Bay Today in New Zealand; and more occasionally in The Wall Street Journal and (translated into Italian) Il Foglio, but even when he's not in them he thinks they're worth reading, which is why we link to them here. Mark also chips in at The Corner and appears each week on The Hugh Hewitt Radio Show ."

"Mark started as a disc-jockey, and still likes to keep his hand in when the opportunity presents. He’s played country, classical, rock, easy listening over the years. He’s also hosted many other kinds of radio and TV shows, from a BBC talk-show from New York to the live Glyndebourne opera broadcasts on Britain’s Channel 4, and various arts documentaries which still turn up on obscure cable channels at four in the morning. These days he is a popular guest host for Rush Limbaugh on the radio and for Sean Hannity on Fox News."
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