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"In a March 19 session entitled, “Health Care: The Politics of Winning,” ex-convict Creamer and husband of Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), laid out his vision for health care reform. Of Creamer’s 10-point plan, number 5 is:"

"To have a movement that both deals with that fact [that health care reform should be personal] and creates a movement we have to have two elements. In a lot of campaigns we run are either about a populist kind of message and feel because it’s about people’s pocketbooks and needs directly. Or it has a moral dimension that is inspirational and empowering – the civil rights movement, for instance."

"This movement needs to have both. To have a movement, to mobilize people, to inspire people, you have to appeal to their sense of meaning and purpose and something important. So we have to create a sense that this is a historic battle. This is about you’re being part of something that will make you meaningful." (BigGovernment Post
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