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"President Hugo Chavez said Monday that Venezuela has received thousands of Russian-made missiles and rocket launchers as part of his government's military preparations for a possible armed conflict with neighboring Colombia."

"They are preparing a war against us," Chavez said during a televised address, repeating a charge he has been making for months. "Preparing is one of the best ways to neutralize it."

"Both Colombia and Washington deny having any plans to attack Venezuela, but Chavez argues they are plotting together a military offensive against Venezuela. Chavez says his government is acquiring more weapons as a precaution." (Breitbart Article)


Anonymous said...

Russia needs the money. They're broke, and selling off their infrastructure is all they have. Venezuela wants to play expansionist like the big boys did in the '60-'70s

Both parties know oblama will simply roll over on the deal. What worries me is that by the time we get rid of oblama and his socialists, Chavez will be feeling his soviet oats and it'll be a lot more difficult to knock him off his pedestal.


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