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A collection of some things I observe along the way.


"...So yes, there is a very necessary brewing Republican civil war. This should be a banner election year for conservatives. Sadly, it is the GOP Establishment trying to prevent that from happening."

"We must fight back. We know conservatives are the base of the party. We know independents are moving our way. We know conservatives can win. We know from Maine to Florida to California to Alaska a pro-entrepreneurial “leave me the hell alone” message can sell. And yet?"

"The Republican Establishment in charge now is the same Establishment that was there in 2006. It never got replaced. For example, Mitch McConnell has led us from 55 Senate seats to 40 and his record as NRSC Chairman was equally craptacular. Now this man is both trying to beat conservatives in Republican primaries and oppose Obamacare with cute little messaging amendments. These people are only winners because we let them. Not any more."

"Conservatives can win if we fight back. Who is with me?" (RedState Post)


The Right Guy said...

You've read my mind. I've posted few on this lately:


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