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2010 Predictions

Gerald Celente's Forecasts
The Collapse of 2010, Terrorism 2010, Anti-Immigration Movement, Neo-Survivalism, Buy Local/My Country First, and others. (Gerald's Site)

All this in his own words. Part I. (Skip to 3:33) Part II

James Howard Kunstler's Blog
"...all of this leading to the recognition that we have entered a serious depression, which is only a facet of the greater period of hardship we have also entered, which I call The Long Emergency."

"This depression will be a classic deleveraging, or resolution of debt. Debt will either be paid back or defaulted on."

"One will be plain old crime against property and persons, especially where the sense of community is flimsy-to-nonexistent, and that includes most of suburban America."

"I think we'll see a variety-pack of political disturbance led first by people who are just plain pissed off at
government and corporations and seek to damage property belonging to these entities." (Full Post)



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