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The Media Can't Handle Andrew Breitbart

How David Shuster Lied to Get Me to Appear on MSNBC

"Today is the day that I have been invited to go on MSNBC for the very first time. At no point during the ACORN story was I put on the hot seat to defend the work of James O’Keefe. My thesis from day one has been that the mainstream media is biased in favor of the left and MSNBC is its most obvious case study." (Andrew Breitbart)


Anonymous said...

Hear our prayer Obama! Remember that hoax of a video that Breitbart released. The one where he claimed that a bunch of people whom I'm sure he thinks of as savages in New Orleans supposedly say "Hear our prayer Obama!" - underscoring this claim with subtitles on the video he released as they say "Hear our prayers O God"... just like the Scofield Reference Bible!

Why doesn't the media mention this amusing example of Breitbart's journalism?


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