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The recent Supreme Court ruling removes limits of corporations and unions to spend their own money on candidate promotion. While they can not pump money into a candidates campaign, they can promote a candidate via their own campaign. While this opens the door for both unions and corporations, it is a direct challenge for unions creating something they are not used to called 'competition', which is probably why the liberals don't like it. Hey's called FREE SPEECH!!!

"A bitterly divided Supreme Court vastly increased the power of big business and unions to influence government decisions Thursday by freeing them to spend their millions directly to sway elections for president and Congress."

"The ruling reversed a century-long trend to limit the political muscle of corporations, organized labor and their massive war chests. It also recast the political landscape just as crucial midterm election campaigns are getting under way."

"In its sweeping 5-4 ruling, the court set the stage for a wave of likely repercussions -- from new pressures on lawmakers to heed special interest demands to increasingly boisterous campaigns featuring highly charged ads that drown out candidate voices." (The New York Times Article)



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