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If we do get tons of refugees will they get amnesty? Is the potential influx of Haitians going to be new voting block for Obama? Are we going to protect our borders this time to prevent terrorists from entering with refugees? Do you trust the current administration to protect us (the people) or to protect their tyrannical careers?

"The Department of Homeland Security is "formulating" plans in case Haitians try to flee their earthquake-ravaged country for the United States, federal officials told FOX News."

"For more than three decades, Haitians have been trying to come to the United States by boat, whether driven by poverty or political strife. As of Thursday afternoon, the U.S. Coast Guard had not encountered anyone in the waters off Haiti trying to reach the U.S. mainland, according to one official, but top U.S. officials have been engaged in "continuing discussions" in case things change, sources say." (
Fox News Report)


Amusing Bunni said...

THis is a very good and scary post, One's!
It is a very likely and distressing scenario. It just never ends with this jerk obummer, does it?

One said...

Here it comes:


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